DLRR155 – Better than new

Better than new

DLRR is a locomotive repair plant and spare part manufacturer that focuses sustainability in rail industry. That is why we do the repair and maintenance so good you would not want to buy a new locomotive.
More cost effective than new

More cost effective than new

Modernising locomotives and shunters is the best way of getting the most returns on your assets for years to come. Rail industry is a capital intensive enough business as it is.
More sustainable than new

More sustainable than new

Repairing and modernising locomotives instead of buying new ones is the environmentally conscious way of operating. Why use more resources to build a new locomotive when you can modernise the ones already made?
More modern than it was when new

More modern than it was when new

DLRR is not just repairing the diesel locomotives, we modernise them, make them more convenient and more save for todays work environment and requirements.

155 years of better than new

We are firm believers in long-term relationships. Our more than one and a half century experience ensures us the valuable knowledge. Our clients know that the long-term partnership with our company is better than a new one.

155 years of experience in locomotive repair and spare part production

We have loyal workers who have generations of accumulated experience and knowledge

We are looking towards the next 155 years that is why our service is oriented on long term cooperation

We are also greener than green

We make the greenest mode of transportation even greener

Our green transformation project 2030

Green3 is the philosophy of our company


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