Production of spare parts

We produce and sell spare parts for many types of rolling stock.
At the moment we produce more than 600 spare parts for locomotives 2TE116, 2TE10, 2M62, TEM-2, TEM-7, CME-3, TEP-70; electric trains of type EP2, EP-9 and for diesel-train DR-1.
Our most popular products are the following:

  • cylinder liners for diesel locomotives 10D100, D49, D50, 14D40, K6S310DR;
  • cog wheels, rims and gears of different types;
  • pistons for the diesel locomotive 10D100;
  • crankshaft inserts for the diesel locomotive 10D100 and D50;
  • pistons rings for the diesel locomotives 10D100, D49, D50, 14D40, K6S310DR;
  • traction motor support bearings;
  • axles;
  • pins, bushings, bolts, clutches, flanges etc.
  • different metal constructions, such as exhaust silincers, gear casings.

Number of manufactured spare part names is constantly growing.
We are always ready to manufacture exclusive parts for you according to your drawings or a sample provided.
Our warehouse stocks and technical capabilities allow us to supply spare parts to any part of the world in the shortest time possible.
Quality control at the factory insures production of reliable spare parts.